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Personal Care

From Dartington Crystal and John Beswick, a sister brand, are two collections of beautiful personal care collections. Our Bijou stoppered bottles are mouth blown in crystal. They can be used to store scented oils and perfume arer just as an accent to your dressing table.

Our Museum Collection pocket mirrors and pill boxes from John Beswick, a sister, brand, combine works from famous artists with functional items.

Each pocket mirror has two mirrors (normal and magnified) enclosed in a sturdy metal casing. A magnetic clasp securely holds the mirror halves together when in your purse or handbag. Finally each pocket mirror comes in a felt pouch for added protection.

The pill boxes are made of sturdy metal and feature a magnetic clasp to ensure a tight close. These can be used as a pill holder and are large enough to be a trinket box to hold rings and small jewelry and keepsakes.

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