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Caithness Glass

Caithness Glass: Poppy

Caithness Glass began in 1961 as a commercial enterprise created in part to support viable employment in a remote part of Northern Scotland.

This early workforce included local apprentices plus a small handful of skilled makers from Italy, who swapped the sunny Mediterranean climate for the bracing wind and rains of Wick in the Caithness area of Scotland.

The early years saw output focused on functional glassware for the home, with a wide variety of tumblers, stems, bowls and vases based on a clean and contemporary European style.

The arrival of Colin Terris in 1968 heralded the commercial production of Caithness Glass paperweights and the growth of the company that followed in the next two decades. With his team, Terris launched “Planets” – the first collection of limited edition weights from Caithness Glass and later introduced our successful “Moonflower” paperweight, an abstract interpretation of an imaginary plant. The climax of the “Space- Race” with the US first moon landing in 1969 inspired many more successful space and sci-fi themed designs. Demand for these “interpretive” designs grew rapidly alongside more traditional studies in florals, sea-life, Scottish themes and commemorative weights. In later years Caithness centralized its operation in Perthshire where it still operates.

Today we continue to work hard ensuring the Caithness Glass making studios retain its unique skills and innovative glass techniques on which its reputation has been built. Our robust design team is made up of fresh young faces as well as seasoned designers such as Helen McDonald and Alan Scott as well as the Millefiori and lampworking designs of internationally known artist, Peter McDougal. Our collections offer a beautiful works of art as limited and unlimited pieces. Each is hand crafted and is a unique work of art providing handcrafted art glass to be enjoyed over a lifetime.

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